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1999 - John R. Lee, M.D. Medical Letter Back Issues

1999 Bound Back Issues (Hard Copy) - John R. Lee M.D. Medical Letters $34.95 1999 Bound Back Issues (Download Version) - John R. Lee M.D. Medical Letters $34.95

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1999 January

  • The New PREmenopause book
  • Prostate Cancer and Hormones
  • Dr. Lee's Healthy Prostate Program
  • Fen-Phen Users Aren't Getting Better
  • Study Shows Pyrethroids Have Estrogen Effects
  • Cut the Sugar, Cut the Heart Disease
  • Oral B12 Works Well for Pernicious Anemia
  • Interview with Dr. David Zava on Teenage Girls, Hormone Balance and Birth Control Pills
  • Is Prometrium Affected by the Liver?
  • When Is Breast Cancer not Really Breast Cancer?
  • How to Find Estriol

1999 February

  • SPECIAL REPORT: The Selling of Fluoridation in America
  • Good Reasons to Avoid Fluoride
  • Douche with Caution
  • Homocysteine Implicated in Alzheimer's
  • Another Comeback to the FDA
  • Insomnia and Anxiety
  • Should You Take Raloxifene?
  • Hormones and Blood Clots
  • MS and Progesterone

1999 March

  • Three nice letters about pap smears, pregnancy and candida.
  • The Role of Thyroid in the Hormonal Orchestra: Is your low thyroid really low or is it just blocked?
  • Other Thyroid Blockers
  • A Tomato a Day Keeps the Cancer Away
  • Do Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Increase Breast Cancer Risk?
  • It's Official: Vietnam Vets Were Harmed by Agent Orange
  • Interview with Jerilynn Prior, M.D. on What Makes Your Ovaries Tick
  • Progesterone Dosages and Cycles
  • Dosage Directions for the Compounding Pharmacist
  • Is the Fluoride Level in Your Municipal Water Safe?
  • Permission to Copy the Fluoride Article from Feburary 99
  • A New Study Showing that Progesterone Stops Harmful Changes in Cholesterol

1999 April

  • Outrageous Examples of Hormone Imbalance: How to tell if your hormones are out of balance and how they get that way.
  • The Dance of the Minerals: As minerals enter and exit cells, fluid balance ebbs and flows. (And do you really need to avoid salt or are you just potassium and magnesium deficient?)
  • Irritants in Cosmetics
  • Is Jet Lag Related to Cortisol Deficiency?
  • Drugs that Cause Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Interview: Researcher of the Month Willam J.M. Hrushesky, M.D. Biological Cycles and Cancer Outcomes
  • St. Luke's Osteoporosis and Progesterone Cream Study (Why Dr. Weil is misinformed.)
  • Another Study Shows that Conventional HRT (Premarin and Provera) Do Not Benefit Women with Heart Disease.
  • Depo Provera Causes Bone Loss ni Young Women (At a time in life when they should be building it.)

1999 May

  • Announcing John R. Lee M.D.’s Commonsense Guide to a Healthy Heart, a new booklet on preventing and healing heart disease.
  • Part I: Xenohormones and Your Health: Unseen, Unknown and Damaging, We can no longer ignore the effects on our children.
  • How to Reduce the Xenohormones in Your Environment
  • Interview: David Smallbone, M.D. from England, Insights about Osteoporosis and Endometriosis from a British Physician
  • More Reasons not to Take Fosamax
  • It’s Time to Question Routine Vitamin K Shots in Newborns
  • In Sweden Mammograms Don’t Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths
  • Changes in Ovaries after Tubal Ligation
  • Brown Spots and Cortisol Deficiency
  • Progesterone Cream Cures a Cracking Choir Voice
  • Testosterone Cream for Lichen Sclerosis

1999 June

  • Does HRT Really Improve Memory? Don't Believe Everything You Hear on the TV News
  • The Truth About Estrogen and the Brain
  • Xenohormones Part II: Rounding Up the Usual Suspects
  • Natural Pest Control
  • Vitamin E's Effects on Breast Cells
  • An Irritant in Soaps and Shampoos
  • Europeans Reject Estrogen-Laced Beef from the U.S.
  • Avoid Nightshade Plants Before Surgery
  • How to Protect Your Vision with Nutrition: Interview with Marc Rose, M.D.
  • Abnormal Pap Smears · Progesterone and Antidepressants
  • What Do Sore Nipples Mean in an Elderly Lady?
  • Uterine Fibroids, Progesterone and Stress
  • Eggs Are Good For You
  • The Progesterone Research Institute

1999 July

  • Spin Doctoring Medical Information and How it Misleads the Consumer
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS
  • More Fluid Intake = Less Bladder Cancer
  • Breast-Fed Babies Have Less Asthma
  • Prevent Fractures with Exercise, Drug Monitoring
  • Yes, Water Bottles Do Leach Toxins
  • Wake-Up Call About Depo-Provera
  • Blood Clots and Progesterone
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Little-Known Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer and Cell Proliferation Caused by Hormones
  • Looking for Participants for a New Research Study on PMS and Progesterone

1999 August

  • Big News on the Fluoride Front: Two Renowned Fluoride Scientists Change Positions from Proponents of Fluoridation to Opponents
  • Douse Your Heartburn by Treating the Cause
  • Causes of Heartburn
  • A Source of Hormone-Free Meat
  • Studies Show that Endometrial Cancer is Not Inherited
  • Too Much Lead Causes Tooth Decay
  • Drinking Milk Doesn’t Do a Body Good: Another Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer
  • Resensitization of Breast Cells by Progesterone after Breast Cancer?
  • Response to Prevention Magazine’s Article on Progesterone and Osteoporosis
  • More on Depo-Provera
  • Women in Labor Who Fail to Dilate: Some Possible Causes
  • Interview: Researcher Dr. Ercole Cavalieri on Tracking Down the Origins of Cancer

1999 September

  • The Raloxifene Spin: grasping at straws to promote Evista.
  • Strokes: Like heart attacks, “brain attacks” are preventable when you have a little knowledge.
  • Sex hormones and stroke risk.
  • What prevents strokes.
  • Gerber goes organic.
  • Is your doctor using you in a drug experiment? “Just say No” to new drugs.
  • Don’t celebrate Celebrex prematurely.
  • A district court pulls the plug on breast cancer claims for raloxifene.
  • Interview with Dr. Dean Raffelock on liver function and hormone balance.
  • The FDA pulls the plug on a progesterone cream.
  • Irregular periods can be due to irregular dosing.
  • Gels vs. cream: absorption is not an issue.

1999 October

  • Parathyroid hormone and osteoporosis.
  • Alcohol as Medicine: It depends on the individual and on the dose.
  • How Estrogen and Progesterone Affect Blood Vessels Preganancy and Aromatherapy: a caution.
  • Is Your Incontinence Caused by Drugs?
  • Atrazine in the Water Supply.
  • Another Source of Hormone-Free Meat.
  • Interview with David K. Shefrin on how poor adrenal function affects the rest of the body.
  • Progesterone, prolactin and the pituitary.
  • Cervical disease and the HPV virus.
  • Progesterone and peripheral neuropathy.
  • Estradiol is good for the heart in the right amount.

1999 November

  • Whole Foods, Vitamin E and Your Health
  • Beware the Endless Search for Designer Estrogens
  • Fiber, Fat and Heart Disease (fiber is more important…)
  • Nifedipine is a Male Contraceptive
  • New Low Dose Contraceptive Pills Have Higher Risk of Blood Clots
  • The High Price of a Green Lawn and Bug-Free Home (Pesticides raise risk of breast cancer.)
  • Inoculations May be An Rx for Disaster (Getting a vaccination for your child should not be an automatic “yes.”)
  • Testosterone and Prostate Cancer
  • Saying No to Drugs Makes This Woman Healthy
  • Again Do Anti-Perspirants Contribute to Breast Cancer?
  • Getting Pregnant with Progesterone and Vitex
  • HRT and Pill Increase Cancer Risk
  • Progesterone, Progestins and the Heart: More Evidence Against Progestins

1999 December

  • Banish Fear of the New Millenium (And Celebrate the Solstice)
  • YO! SOY (A Cautionary Tale): Eat Fermented Soy Foods in Moderation
  • Remember CoQ10 for Gum Disease
  • Obesity is Associated with Fibroids (and up to 80% of U.S. women have them)
  • Another Reason Why Americans Love their Coffee
  • Feds Ask Manufacturers to Remove Mercury from Vaccinations
  • Interview with George Gillson, M.D., Ph.D. on a Promising New Treatment for MS
  • A Bad Reaction to Augmentin, an Antibiotic
  • Bavarian Farmers Wonder if Hormone-Laden American Cows Suffer from PMS
  • More Thoughts on Vaccinations and Antibodies